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In House and On-Site Repair and Calibration Services

Our calibration laboratory is accredited by UKAS to BS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017 with the schedule including the calibration of Metrology calibration blocks and the calibration of ultrasonic flaw detectors. Please click here for the most current schedule or referent the UKAS accreditation page. NDT Global Services offers in house and on site repair and calibration services for a broad range of NDT inspection equipment. We offer standard calibration to national and international standards as follows:

  • In House Repair and UKAS Calibration Service
  • On Site Repair and Calibration Service

NDT Global Services provides an affordable, fast, professional way to ensure your test equipment and tools are calibrated to traceable standards. We also offer a competitive repair service

  • We can provide a route to repair for equipment in house with our specialist repair workshop. Utilising tools and trained highly competent technicians.
  • Our UKAS accredited Calibration laboratory is fully equipped to preform accredited calibration for all types of ultrasonic Flaw detectors and Test blocks to current British standards. We utilise the most up to date equipment and cutting-edge measuring techniques to give you the most accurate results every time.
  • We can also provide equipment calibration/conformity procedures for other types of equipment used in the NDT sector.
  • We have established manufacturing backup for Waygate Technologies , Sonatest and Olympus NDT equipment.

Equipment we offer

  • Calibration Blocks
  • Calipers
  • Coating Thickness Meter
  • Densitometers
  • Eddy Current
  • Electromagnets
  • Gaussmeter & Magmeters
  • Hardness Testers
  • Lightmeters
  • UT Sets
  • UT Thickness Gauges
  • UV Lamps
  • Bleepers (Dosimeters)
  • Radiation Monitors

NDT Global Services provides an affordable, on-site repair and calibration service, including:

  • MPI Bench
  • X-Ray

We can attend your site/premises to repair many types of MPI, Xray equipment and Non- portable Ultrasonic equipment.

We are manufactured backed on Magnaflux, Johnson & Allen, Comet, Siefert and Gulmay equipment.

We can perform OEM servicing procedures on equipment, with mimimal downtime.

We have specalist equipment on-hand to Calibrate/Confirm equipment performance, while still installed at your premises

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