NDT Inspection Equipment and Consumables.

Product solutions help our customers improve their inspection performance and productivity of their organisations. NDT Global Services operate and supply to many industrial sectors.

A complete range of equipment and consumables are available for a range of NDT disciplines. NDT Global Services has developed several key equipments which are manufactured in house as well as being channel partners with leading developing companies, including Magnaflux, Waygate Technologies, Proceq and many more. Lead distributors for Magnaflux

  • Ultrasonic Equipment
  • Ultrasonic Probes
  • Calibration Test Block
  • Magnetic Particles Inspection
  • Dye Penetrants
  • Radiographic
  • Visual Inspection



Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors are commonly used in the Forging, Casting, Fabrication, Automotive, Aerospace and Power Industry segments for locating internal flaws and defects.

The End User can be assured the items bing tested and under examination are fit for purpose for their intended requirement.

Ultrasonic Thickness Meters are used in both the Petro-chemical industry segment for checking Corrosion or general thinning of Pipework and Storage Tanks. These are normally the Meters that use a Twin Compression Probe.

The other main industry segments would be General Engineering, Aerospace and the Automotive segment, where a high accuracy measurement is required. These Meters are most commonly used in areas where a measurement is impossible to attain with access from both sides. So, only one surface needs to be accessible to use these devices.

  • USM Go+ Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
  • USM 36 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
  • USN 60L Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
  • Ultrasonic Thickness meters  DM5E
  • Ultrasonic Thickness meters  CL5
  • Ultrasonic Thickness meters DMS-Go plus
  • Dakota - Ultrasonic Thickness Meters. Full range available.


NDT Global supply an extensive range of Ultrasonic Probes from the main global leaders in this technology.

Single Crystal Compression Probes are mainly used on very large and thicker components. Dependent on material constraints, they can be used up to test ranges of 25 metres.

Twin Compression Probes are usually used on thinner sections from 5mm to 100mm.

Shearwave or Angle Probes are more commonly used for inspection of welds in fabricated parts, but are also used where standard Compression Probes cannot be used (e.g. complex Geometric shapes).

Immersion Probes are generally used in the Aerospace sector for examination of Aero Engine Discs used in jet engines, or on fully automated Inspection Systems.

Phased Array Probes come in various application driven designs to quickly examine components like welds, pipelines and large area scanning and offer additional results including the conventional A Scan, B Scan, C Scan and D Scan imaging.

Suppliers include Waygate Technologies, GB Inspection, Sonatest, Phoenix, Sonetec & Baugh & Weedon.

Speciality Probes

Speciality probes are used in applications where the conventional probe is not suitable. These probes are custom built to the customers exacting requirements.

UT Probe Cables

At NDT Global, we manufacture our own "in house" probe cables, in either single or twin format, in every combination of common connectors for all Flaw Detectors and Thickness Meters.

These include BNC, Lemo 00, Lemo 1 Microdot and UHF. Any combination of any connector type can be provided and made for customers, with special lengths available on request. We also stock main manufacturers standard UT Cables.

Calibration & Test Block Supplies

NDT Global stock all common, normal IIW, Global and European specified calibration and Test Blocks. We also supply all blocks in customers specified special materials on request.

Speciality Blocks can be manufactured on request with the submission and provision of a CAD or engineering drawing provided by the end user.

Customers can supply their own basic blanks of most materials, common or exotic, to be machined to the exact requirements - we do PMI check on base material to confirm type/grade and show on any certificate supplied.

All our Calibration and Test Blocks are provided with normal certicate of conformity, or we can supply a full UKAS certificate on request. We offer re-certification to standard C or C requirements or UKAS on customers' own UT blocks.

NDT Global Services are a UKAS accredited Laboratory.

  • V1
  • No 1 – European Standard
  • V2
  • No 2 – European Standard
  • A6
  • RTB
  • MU
  • TBR 2 – 125
  • LSW
  • LSW/M
  • CSW
  • ASME (Specify Thickness)
  • DAC (Specify Thickness)


Magnetic Particle Inspectio (MPI) is most commonly used to detect surface breaking defects and discontinuities in Ferro Magnetic materials. The most common industry segments include the Automotive, Forging, Casting, Fabrication and Power industries. The inks used are either black, fluorescent or in a dry powder format, again dependent on the item being inspected. The method can be either a fully manual technique or automated or semi-automated bench units, dependent on the application and throughput.

NDT Global Services offer a range of products for use in Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), covering everything from large inspection lines and bench units, hand-held electro-magnets or "Yokes", permanent magnets, MPI consumables and more. We also offer in-house design and build services for customers with more unique requirements.

  • Magnaflux MPI – Aerosols/Powder
  • Magnets
  • Accessories
  • Magnetic Particle Testing Equipment

Dye Penetrants

Dye penetrant inspection (DPI for short) is used more commonly on non-magnetic (Non-Ferrous) materials for detection of surface breaking cracks and discontinuities.

The Dye can be either Red or Fluorescent type and used in either a Manual Technique and are in Aerosols for ease of use and easily transportable, or in bulk amounts of static batch type testing in repetitious component inspections, for example in the Aerospace segments. Both Water or Oil based Dyes are available, dependant on the inspection and environmental requirements being issued by the specification or application.

NDT Global Services' chemical equipment and NDT accessory choices have grown but the fundamentals and benefits of liquid penetrant inspection have endured the test of time.

Suppliers include Magnaflux, Johnson and Allan and Chemetall.

Radiography Accessories

NDT Global supply a large range of Radiographic accessories, including the following products:

  • A wide range of Afga X-Ray Film processors, from "desktop" to Through Wall Automatic Processors and the Water Panels and associated Darkroom accessories.
  • Automatic and manual film processing chemicals in normal and Eco options, and Film Processor and Cleaning Chemicals. Additionally, Afga Stand Alone Film Dryers.
  • Afga Quality Assurance products to check the quality of the film processing, development and storage - these include Certified PMS Strips, Thio-Test and Denstep Strips.
  • Personal Dosimeters and Monitors - both Digital and Analogue versions, along with Portable Survey Meters and a huge selection of Radiation Warning Signs for both Walls, Compounds and Vehicles, Barrier Tapes and Handling Tongs used in Gamma Radiaography Surveys.
  • Dark Room Safe Lights, Timers and LED type Film Viewers and Densitometers.
  • A wide range of Plastic Film Cassettes and Lead Screens in all range of sizes.
  • Lead Marker Tapes and Lead Numbers/Letters, along with IQIs to meet most radiographic standards.

We also build customised Static or Mobile Dark Rooms to suit the most stringent of the customer's requirements and specifications.

NDT Global Services offer a range of compact and fully portable service camera systems for different applications.

The Wohler VIS 700 HD-Video Inspection System: The Wohler VIS 700 offers precisely what profrssionals have been waiting for. Razor sharp images in HD quality, a focus function for focusing precisely on the object requiring attention and practical control of the pan and tilt camera head by means of a joystick. Ideal conditions for the inspection of waste water pipes, flue gas and ventilation lines as well as NDT applications.

The Wohler VIS 400 Video Inspection System: The VIS 400 Standard Set (p/n 4133) is a full feature inspection system that includes all necessary components to begin inspecting drains, ventilation systems, chimneys and more. The VIS 400 is a 7" color monitor that includes a 4GB SD card for recording video, audio annotations and images.

  • VIS 250
  • VIS 350
  • VIS 700
  • VIS 400
  • Accessories

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