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Tank Inspection

NDT Global Services have many years’ experience in storage tank inspection. Inspections can be conducted on storage tanks either above ground or below ground. Tanks can be either in-service or out of service during inspection (depending on the tanks design).

Our inspection engineers are highly trained in the use of multiply

inspection methods. Primary methods involve ultrasonic inspection using tank crawlers and floor mapping


All equipment used has live data review and reporting capabilities.


  • API 653 and EEMUA159 certified inspectors
  • Risk based inspections
  • Tank cleaning
  • Tank floor shell & roof inspection
  • Paint and lining inspection and applications

Tank floor inspection methods:

  • MFL Floor mapping
  • Corrosion mapping
  • Vacuum box testing

Tank shell inspection methods: 

  • Remote UT Thickness measurements
  • In services inspection
  • Corrosion mapping

Tank roof inspection methods:

  • As shell
  • Corrosion mapping