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Intelligent Pigging

The Intelligent Pigging method enables our engineer to monitor trends and detect anomalies in a non-disruptive way. It is low risk, low cost, regular inspection and monitoring of Oil & Gas pipelines.

Smart Pigs

The advanced eddy current technology measures the location and thickness of any scale, wax or water drop-out in the pipeline as well as inspecting for corrosion underneath these deposits.

  • No requirement to clean the pipeline before inspection
  • They have little or no impact on production operations
  • Inspect a range of lines with one device
  • Internal corrosion and fatigue cracking can be detected
  • Capable of negotiating complex geometry, reduced bore and multi- diameter pipelines
  • Location of wax, scale build up and water drop out can be measured and recorded


  • Pipe sizes 6”- 48 inch
  • Min. Bend radius: 1.5D
  • Max bore reduction: 20%
  • Gas and oil lines
  • Pipeline temp: 0°C to 85°C (32°F to 185°F)

Discovery Foam Pigs are designed for high frequency use so data trending and anomaly monitoring can be achieved over the lifetime of the pipeline.

Patrol Pigs

Locating and recording illegal pipeline taps using electromagnetic sensors to provide a direct assessment method for locating the illegal tap and in a non-disruptive way. The automated and rapid analysis of data allows maintenance teams to be onsite within hours of tool recovery.

  • Identifies local pressure drops within the line
  • Detects changes in composition of the line (i.e. excess water or other fluids)
  • Cleans and inspects the line at the same time
  • Equipment can to be deployed on a regular basis
  • Simple design enabling client use
  • Cloud based reporting


Pipeception is a machine learning signal recognition software that highlights anomalous signals from the pipeline for further engineering analysis. Rapid data screening and analytics allows engineers to trend data and make informed decisions on predictive maintenance strategies.

  • Signal recognition
  • Monitoring
  • Data visualisation