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Guided Wave Testing

NDT Global Services specialises in Guided Wave Testing (GWT). Our Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 engineers have extensive experience providing rapid data analysis, operating worldwide in varying environmental climates.

Guided Wave Testing using the Wavemaker Pipe Screening System uses ultrasonic guided waves, sent along the length of pipe, to non-destructively test pipes for defects and other irregularities by detecting changes in the cross sections of the pipe.

It is a non-invasive inspection technique permitting for the inspection of a vast range of lines whilst they remain operational. Little preparation of the line is required.

The test can range up to 50m in either direction from the test location, up to 100m of line can be inspected in one test. Pipe sizes from 3/4” to 84” can be tested using the GWT method.

Inspection capabilities include:

API inspection of in-service metallic piping systems can be incorporated into any NDT Global Services inspection projects. Our team of engineers are Rope Access qualified IRATA level 1-3 to fulfill any project requirement.

Guided Wave Example Data: Unrolled Pipe Display

Quantitative Short Range- (QSR)

The Quantitative Short Rang system is designed to semi-automatically scan predefined sections of straight pipelines for corrosion under pipe supports.

At each location along the pipe QSR1 automatically measures the pipe diameter, distance between Transmitter and Receiver, top Path wall thickness, bottom path wall thickness and the bottom path minimal wall thickness.

QSR is capable of measuring the size of corrosion to the depths of up to half of the pipe wall thickness.

  • Inspects pipes on simple supports for touch point corrosion
  • Uses an innovative method for processing multimode signals that are sent around the circumference of the pipe
  • Scans along the top of the pipe under its own power
  • Uses motorised wheels to navigate the pipe
  • Measures quantitatively down to half wall loss and qualitatively for greater wall losses
  • Has axial resolution of 30mm
  • Adapts to inspect pipes of 8 to 16 inch diameter and ¼ to ½ inch wall thickness
  • Inspects through thin coatings and needs no couplant