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Condition Monitoring

Gpims- Permanently installed monitoring system

Performing repeat inspections of your pipeline and comparing the results to previous inspections, operators can monitor for any change in the condition of the pipe. Frequent data collection significantly improves sensitivity and reduces false call rates compared to conventional guided wave testing.

The environmentally robust gPIMS® range of sensors has been developed to be easily bonded to the pipe, sealed and then left in place. A cable connects the gPIMS® sensor to a connection box that can be located in a convenient, easy to access location whether its above ground, below ground or subsea.

GPims monitoring System

  • No intrusive corrosion monitoring
  • Permanently installed guided wave monitoring system for repeatable ultrasonic data gathering
  • Deployed above ground, below ground or subsea
  • Cloud based software makes it easier monitor
  • Innovative ultrasonic transducer design

Smart PIMS

Non-Intrusive Corrosion Monitoring with Installed Ultrasonic Sensors. The smartPIMS Modbus is an ultrasonic transducer network that can automate wall-thickness measurement and flaw monitoring of your most critical plant assets.

The systems are highly configurable, from just a few sensors to thousands of TMLs per network. Leveraging the low-cost and ubiquitous aspects of the Internet and wireless networks systems can be easily and cost-effectively installed and maintained at most industrial facilities.

  • Safe non-invasive to the asset’s pressure boundary
  • Above and below ground installations
  • Directly measure remaining wall thickness (Not a proxy for wall loss.)
  • Extremely accurate to 0.001”(0.025 mm), with ability to measure down to 0.040” (1 mm) in carbon steel, especially for fixed-location probes
  • Rugged, reliable and portable
  • Versatile and cost-effective
  • Installation of up to 512 TMLs (or 256 dual-element probes) on a single multi-drop network
  • View real-time data from any connected tablet PC or your control room
  • Upload for cloud-based data viewing and analysis
  • Instant access to webPIMS data across any device