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Coating Survey

Pipeline coating survey

The Pipeline Current Mapping (PCM) system enables our pipeline inspectors to overcome the limitations of existing techniques used in evaluating the effectiveness of cathodic protected pipes and pipeline coating in general. The technology enables shorts to be identified which are caused by contact between the pipeline and other metallic structures, or ‘earthing’ which is produced by coating defects.

This method enables our pipeline inspectors to locate faults, and poor coatings that are draining the applied current from a pipeline, resulting in improved potentials and minimising damaging side effects.

The system can perform a Close Interval Potential Survey (CIPS); an inspection methodology based upon the principles that current flow and voltage potentials are directly related. This can be measured in unison to determine whether any other factors are present which are affecting the relation.

Detecting the location of:

  • Delamination’s
  • Corrosion patches
  • Leaks