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Pipeline Infrastructure

Pipeline Infrastructure

NDT Global Services Ltd offer a range of pipeline infrastructure services including the decommissioning, rehabilitation, installation and modification of PE, GRE, ferrous and non-ferrous pipelines for the petrochemical, nuclear, oil and gas, infrastructure, defence and pharmaceutical sectors.


Decommissioning pipeline programmes are becoming increasingly popular in the oil and gas sectors. We offer pipeline decommission and cleaning services for diesel, petrol, water, gas, petrochemical lines.


  • Gas purging
  • Chemical flushing
  • Mechanical cleaning- Pigging – Cleaning pigging services
  • Abrasive scouring
  • Product removal
  • Data gathering / site surveys
  • Management of third party services
  • Pre-inspection cleaning
  • Preparation of cleaning methodology
  • Preparation of pigging procedures
  • Specialist cleaning
  • Supply of specialist cleaning tools and cleaning equipment
  • Execution of field operations
  • Blanking and isolating

Installation and Commissioning

NDT Global Services have the experience, expertise and capability to install steel and plastic pipelines on-land.


  • Installation and commissioning of PE, GRE, ferrous and non-ferrous pipelines.
  • Installation of pig launchers / receivers
  • Pigging to check the line for defects and is in a suitable condition
  • Data gathering / site surveys
  • Management of third party services

Rehabilitation and Modification of Pipelines

Where the pipelines are inadequate for use it can often be more economic, environmentally friendly and non-disruptive to rehabilitate the defective lines than to excavate and replace it.


  • Repairs and supports to structurally poor lines
  • Repairs to leaking pipes
  • Replacement of damaged sections
  • Replacement of defective valves
  • Sealing of redundant lines
  • Tie-in of new lines
  • Pipeline commissioning and decommissioning
  • Valve fitting and replacement
  • Launcher and receiver installation
  • Pipe section isolation
  • Repair methods and procedures
  • Re-commissioning leak testing
  • Spool piece manufacture and fitting
  • Cold cutting
  • In-service pipe welding and weld repairs
  • Consultancy service


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