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Jetty Inspection

Jetty leg inspections typically include:

  • Visual inspection
  • Non destructive testing- Manual UT and Eddy Current
  • Rope access technicians to undertake close range inspection on the underside of the jetty
  • Boat/ floating pontoon for further inspection access
  • AutoCAD drawings
  • Assessment report using ultrasonic matrix surface topography program.

Inspection access methods include:

  • Inspection boat
  • Rope access IRATA level 1-3 Inspection Engineers
  • Drone cameras with recording capabilities
  • Temporary modular floating pontoon.

Data gathered is analysed using our uniquely designed ultrasonic matrix surface topography program. The data analysis program can be used to analyse both coating thickness and material thickness.

Topographical representation of pile face material thickness highlights all areas that fall below the critical minimum level. Degradation of material thickness is shown by a lightening of the grey material. Where the material thickness is below the critical minimum level (as defined by the client) it becomes highlighted in red, with a deepening red representing a thinner material. A full-penetration of the material wall is shown by a solid block of bright red.