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Offshore / Marine Inspection

NDT Global Services work with leading companies who are producing state of the art sub-sea pipeline inspection technologies.

Our inspection engines are Level 2 & 3 trained GWT Inspectors in this area and have extensive knowledge of sub-sea pipeline inspection technologies.

One example of subsea pipeline inspection is utilising subsea inspection rings. Using the same technology as the surface GWT rings, specifically ultrasonic guided waves. The sub-sea inspection rings are easily adjusted to fit different pipe sizes and are possible for both ROV and Diver Inspection.

The advantages of using the Subsea rings include:

  • Screening unpiggable sections of line for internal or external corrosion/erosion.
  • Screening under weight coat and insulation with minimal cleaning and excavation.
  • The on-site analysis allows the ROV to perform follow-up indications.

We offer both ROV deployment and Diver deployment services. Our team has vast experience and has worked all over the world in varying water climates and conditions.

ROV Deployment- The inspection equipment is mounted on the ROV. A hydraulic connection is used for opening and closing the ring. The test is carried out from the ROV control room.

Diver Deployment- The test is controlled via an umbilical from a topside interface box to the Wavemaker instrument. The rings are installed on a clean section of pipe by 1 or 2 divers using a mechanical clamping mechanism.