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Team Member
Mike WalkerManaging Director

Mike founded the company in 1990 and has been involved in the Non-Destructive Testing industry for 30+ years. With experience in a vast range of pipeline and tank storage inspection techniques, specifically Guided Wave Technology (GWT) using the Wavemaker principle – in which he was one of the first engineers outside of the manufacturing company to use the technique – and is a LRUT Level 3. Mike has had an influential role in the Non Destructive Testing community, presenting technical papers and delivering speeches at conferences worldwide.

Team Member
Simon WalkerDirector

Simon joined the company in 1992 and has worked alongside Mike to build and develop NDT Global Services. With experience across a broad spectrum on Non-Destructive Testing, Simon is one of our lead inspection engineers. Simon specialises in tank inspection techniques as well as being a LRUT Level 2 inspection engineer.

Team Member
Chris ButlerProject Manager

Chris joined NDT Global Services in 2013 as an Engineer and is now one of our lead Project Managers. He obtained a BSc(Hons) Mathematics degree and an MSc(Dist) in Project Management prior to starting work with NDT Global Services. Chris has considerable experience working on inspection projects and is also a Level 1/2 LRUT Inspection Engineer and a visual coating inspector.

Team Member
Justine WhiteleyProject Administrator

Justine has worked within the project administration and management sector for 20+ years. She commenced work with NDT Global Services in 2010 and handles all administration work for inspection projects.

Team Member
Annabelle WalkerQuality Manager

Annabelle joined the company in 2014 as our full time project manager and quality and safety manager. Qualified BS EN ISO 9001 and BE EN ISO 17025 internal auditor. She has also gained experience in the inspection industry and is now an Inspection Engineer with a Level 1 in GWT and a technical draftsman. Prior to joining the company Annabelle obtained MSc (Dist) in Project Management.


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